Fusion Splicer TCW 505

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Item Code:TCW 505 Features:The TCW-505 Series adopt high-speed image processing technology and special precision positioning technology, automatically finish the whole process of fiber fusion in 8 seconds typically, digital LCD monitor displays all steps of fiber fusion clear at a glance.
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Fusion Splicer TCW-505

Widely used for SM and MM Quartz Fiber with diameter 125μm, coating layer diameter 0.2-1.5mm and bare fiber length 16mm more or less. Ideal tools for construction and maintenance of fiber and cable in both field and laboratory applications. Support seven kinds of Language.
* Core to core fiber alignment system (PAS)
* Both X and Y axis display
* Large multiple & visible fiber core
* Turn-over display screen to use conveniently
* Inner light to set fiber at night
* Auto check end-face of fiber
* Auto calculate splicing loss
* Auto select suitable fusion program
* Small bulk and light weight & alternating /Direct Current available
* Screen menu for simple operation
* Concave weatherproof cover & Max. wind velocity of 15m/s
Standard Configuration:
Instrument (Main Body), Fiber cleaver, Fiber coat stripper, P.S Modules, AC adaptor, Data transfer cable, Spare electrodes (one pair), Cooling tray, Screen cover, Carrying case, User's manual.


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