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Item Code:TW4900 Features:Spectrum Analyzer has the advantages of broad bandwidth, high solution, high dynamic range, high precision, low phase noise and fast measurement speed. can provide the high performance services such as high sensitivity spectrum analysis, power analysis, analog demodulation test, multi-domain analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio analysis, phase noise testing, millimeter wave frequency extension, noise figure testing and USB power meter. use the technology of modular frequency channel and all digital IF to form a high open testing platform. We can choose the different options to improve the testing performance of Spectrum Analyzer, and built test system or secondary development by a variety of digital and analog signal output interface of Spectrum Analyzer. has a wide range of applications as follows: aviation, aerospace, communication, radar and navigation.
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Product  Overview:

Spectrum Analyzer has the advantages of broad bandwidth, high solution, high dynamic range, high precision, low phase noise and fast measurement speed.  can provide the high performance services such as high sensitivity spectrum analysis, power analysis, analog demodulation test, multi-domain analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio analysis, phase noise testing, millimeter wave frequency extension, noise figure testing and USB power meter. 

 use the technology of modular frequency channel and all digital IF to form a high open testing platform. We can choose the different options to improve the testing performance of Spectrum Analyzer, and built test system or secondary development by a variety of digital and analog signal output interface of Spectrum Analyzer

 has a wide range of applications as follows: aviation, aerospace, communication, radar and navigation.

Main Features:
  ■ Broad frequency bandwidth range
  ■ 200MHz analysis bandwidth

  ■ Excellent testing performance

  ■ Full spectrum analysis

  ■ Multi-domain analysis and signal playback
  ■ Plentiful function option
  ■ Flexible analog and digital output interface
  ■ Convenient operating characteristics

Broad frequency bandwidth range

  ● 3Hz—50GHz frequency bandwidth range

  ● 9 kinds of Optional configuration of frequency bands

  ● low frequency (<4GHz) or full-band preamplifier

● Frequency extension up to 325GHz (options)

200MHz analysis bandwidth

  ● Flexible Bandwidth to choose from 10Hz to 200MHz

● 10MHz standard analysis bandwidth (40MHz/200MHz, options)

● 64M sample memory depth (256M, options)

● Seamless capture time can be up to a few hours from 1.28 seconds

Excellent testing performance

●The best measurement sensitivity: -152dBm/Hz

● Measurement sensitivity at 50Hz: -127dBm/Hz 

  ● Phase noise: -115dBc/Hz  carrier 1GHz @ 10kHz offset

  ● All digital IF design

 ●The minimum non-zero span sweep time: 1ms

  ●Fastest scan speed: 90times/sec

  ●The low-frequency transducer frequency time: 50ms (frequency <4GHz)

  ●Trace can choose detection mode independently

●Network programmable

Full spectrum analysis

  ● Continuous scanning and FFT step scan

  ● Fastest sweep time of zero scan: 1μs

  ●Counting Resolution: 1mHz

  ●Scan Points: 101~30001

●Up to six tracks

  ●6 kinds of detection methods, three kinds of average type

●Support time gate measurement

●Occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power testing

●Statistical power, burst power, harmonic distortion, third-order inter 

modulation, spurious emission testing

Multi-domain analysis and signal playback

  ●Display multi-domain parameter of spectrum, instantaneous frequency / amplitude / phase, chromatograms 

  ●Chromatogram display for the analysis of signal change with time

  ●Instantaneous parameter display for the analysis of pulse modulation 

signal parameters.

●Seamless capture data storage up to 2GB

●Support CSV, DAT storage file format

●Support file playback signal analysis at different time.

●Support communication signal modulation recognition (Option)

Typical Applications:

● Comprehensive assessment of the performance of electronic systems:

Ithas a wide range of applications of comprehensive assessment of the performance of radar and communication. Providing high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high precision and high efficiency solution for testing broadband signals.

● Transmitter and receiver testing and diagnosis:plentiful functions of Spectrum analysis, power measurement module, multi-domain analysis, phase noise testing for the transmitter and receiver testing and diagnosis.


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Adopting new techniques like advanced radio frequency and digital hybrid integration design, broadband and fundamental wave mixing, digital IF processing and intelligent power management, etc., Techwin Cable and Antenna Analyzer TW3300 has advantages of fast measuring speed, high measurement accuracy, small size, light weight, battery power, touch screen operation and adjustable backlighting. It can measure return loss, standing wave ratio (SWR), impedance, phase, DTF (discontinuity point fixing), etc.
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5G Portable Spectrum Analyzer
Techwin spectrum analyzer TW4950M is a broadband handheld real-time spectrum analyzer designed for field testing. The maximum real-time analysis bandwidth reaches 120MHz. It has real-time spectrum analysis, 5G NR demodulation analysis, LTE FDD/TDD demodulation analysis, GSM/ EDGE demodulation analysis, directional analysis and other measurement function modes, as well as field strength measurement, channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, audio demodulation, harmonic distortion, spectral emission mask/spurious emission mask, indoor/outdoor map measurement It adopts 8.4-inch large-screen LCD and capacitive touch screen integrated design to facilitate user operation. The structure adopts a handheld chassis, which is small in size, light in weight, flexible in power supply, easy to maneuver, and is extremely suitable for on-site use.
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Vector Network Analyzer has powerful measurement functions, which can complete vector network analysis in the field of wireless communications, cable TV, and automotive electronics, etc. It can be used for performance measurement of filter, amplifier, antenna, cable, and cable television sub connectors, etc. radio frequency components. It adopts Windows operating system; has error calibration and time domain functions; offers multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave ratio (SWR), phase, group delay, Smith chart and poplar coordinates, etc.; provides multiple calibration types: including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full two-port calibrations, rapid SOLT and electrical calibration; has Windows operating platform and LAN function and can display multiple channels; is designed with USB interface, LAN interface, GPIB interface, VGA interface and color LCD display, all of which allow it to quickly and accurately measure the S-parameter amplitude, phase and group delay characteristics of DUT, with efficient and powerful error correction capability.
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TW4400 signal generators are vector signal generator products with high performances and newly proposed by Techwin. It has excellent vector modulation functions in the frequency range of 250kHz~44GHz. The baseband signal generator with the features of easy to set, flexible performance and multiple modulation formats, can edit and download the dedicated waveform and simulate variety of signals to fulfill the requirement of users. Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has broad internal and external vector modulation bandwidth to meet the demand for broadband signal simulation. It has excellent quality for both CW signal and vector modulation signal. It is an ideal LO source ,clock source and high performance complex simulation signal source, which are mainly used in the comprehensive evaluation of radar system performances, testing of high-performance receiver and testing of components’ parameters. It is applied to many fields, such as aviation, aerospace, radar, communication and navigation equipment.
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Radio Communications Tester
Techwin Radio Communications Tester TW8800, which is a multifunctional and portable model based on software radio architecture, integrates plentiful functions, like frequency-hopping signal generation and analysis, vector signal generation and demodulation analysis, analog modulation signal generation and demodulation analysis, audio signal generation and analysis, audio oscilloscope, automatic testing and so on. The tester is capable of major performance testes on transmit and receiving of radio communication equipment, measurement and analysis on feature parameters of RF, modulation, audio, and digit etc. Wide applications of the tester cover R&D, production, verification, maintenance and repair, and testing on radio communication equipment, including short-wave/ultra short-wave radio stations, data link systems, communication and surveillance satellites, radio relay equipment. Military mobile carriers with radio communication terminals like communication vehicles, surveillance vehicles, vessels and ships, as well as external field tests can use this tester conveniently.
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Radio Test Set
Techwin Radio Test Set TW9900, which integrates multiple meters with the functions including RF transmitting and receiving analysis, audio source and analysis, can measure various performance of radios, interphones and audio equipment at the range of 2MHz~1GHz/2.7GHz, and test standing wave of communication cables and antennas. It is a comprehensive radio test set capable of overall functions at a small size. Featured with strong environment adaptability and rechargeable battery, the test set can be used for simple lab application, production and debugging of communication equipment, on-site installation, repair and maintenance in the sectors of civil communication, public security, military information technology construction, etc.
Product Name:
Portable Spectrum Analyzer
Techwin TW4950 series spectrum analyzer possesses many advantages: wide frequency range, high performance, high sweep speed, various functions, and easy operation. In terms of performance index, it has advantages of excellent displayed average noise level, low phase noise, and high sweep speed. In terms of measurement functions, it has measurement functions of spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, AM/FM/PM analyzer, power meter, channel scanner etc., as well as intelligent measurement functions of channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent-channel power, tune & listen, emission mask, and carrier-to-noise ratio etc.. Techwin TW4950 adopts the integrated design of 8.4 inch LCD and capacitive touch screen, which improves the display definition and operation convenient. It is handheld, compact and light, with flexible power supply, which is very suitable for field work. Techwin TW4950 can be used for signal and equipment test in the fields of aerospace, microwave & satellite communication, radio communication, radar monitoring, electronic countermeasures & reconnaissance, and precision guidance
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5G Communication Tester
5G NR signal analysis Support for 3GPP 5G NR downlink and uplink in-band measurements, EVM, frequency and power measurements for different channels and signals, all 5G signal bandwidth analysis measurements from 5MHz to 80 MHz, and different modulation formats from QPSK to 256QAM. Support 5G NR measurements EVM Constellation diagram I/Q bias in affine function Gain imbalance Center frequency error CCDF Assign a summary list Mean value of multiple measurements